Monday, April 26, 2010

My first adventure in CG Lighting!

Today I played with CG lighting for the first time ever! One of my productions, The Lattice, is getting textures together for our environments. We wanted to see what an out of the box metallic texture could do, so I dove in and messed with a mental ray node for myself. Under the guidance of the almighty Ed Janne (one of the film's directors), I tweaked around for about 10 minutes and came up with this little render:

It's actually pretty close to what we were looking for--we want to rough it up and get in a little more painterly "grit", but yeah... cool! It's always fun to try new things :)

Credit where credit's due:
Corridor Design: Ed Janne

Ian Saterdalen, Lyz Holder
Lighting Concept: João Ribeiro

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