Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fall 2009... inhale...exhale

...Just a minute... still catching my breath...

...Ok--These last few months were basically the beginning of an exhausting experiment. I have been forging a new arena in my animation program where I attempt to have my cake--and eat it, too. It wore me out, but I learned a lot about the grand balancing acts of a full and ambitious life.

Animation Production isn't technically on the books as an option for the MFA Animation program here at AAU, but it's my calling and I was compelled to go for it. Fortunately for me, organized go-getters are in high demand around here, so I have been welcomed as the Producer of two awesome animated films, Prelude and The Lattice-- and spent this semester managing those projects... while also juggling 3 other classes, my RA job, and occasionally helping out with the amazing collaboration project, "Rise of the Turkeynauts!"

When it came time to choose classes for next year, my program director and I realized that continuing production work as classwork necesitated taking the classes as Directed Studies, which you cannot do in our program until you've passed your midpoint review. So, I got signed up to present my Thesis proposal this semester, and the only open time slot was in finals week, on the same day as my most challenging class (Layout Design). The thesis I proposed involves completing and delivering the 2 productions I'm working on, along with "making of" books and deliverables, and also creating a storyboarding portfolio (since this is art school, after all).

To make a long story short (too late?), I survived!--passed my midpoint and also managed what I considered a very generous grade in Layout. I did this all while also taking care of class and work, travelling to see special shows and industry events, and allowing myself time to be social and enjoy myself, too. These were the busiest, most hectic months so far in my young life--and I need to give props to my awesome teachers, friends, and family. I also must admit my secret weapons--Google calendar, and Google docs kept me and my productions on task all semester long!

So I think I've earned a nice long break for the Holidays, and it's nice to have enough time to vent on the blog. Since every post needs pretty pictures, here's some images of the various presentation materials I had to put together this semester as a Student-Producer...

Business Card:

Midpoint Thesis Proposal Book:

Midpoint Presentation Powerpoint:

Layout Portfolio Book:

There's a lot of layout images to show, too-- they'll be up on my next post :)