Sunday, May 10, 2009

Beginning Finals Week

My first semester at AAU was last fall, and it was so chock-full of Awesomeness that I thought it couldn't be topped. I completed my first hand-drawn animated short and was relatively proud of the result. I met animation legends like Bill Plympton, Eric Goldberg and Richard Williams; who were all unbelievably generous in sharing their wealth of experience and god-like wisdom. I went home for Christmas and felt I had returned from some bizzare, Jodie-Foster-Contact encounter which may or may not have been real... Then came the Spring Semester.

I don't even know where to begin--it has been so amazing, and I have gained so much from the multitude of experiences and adventures I've had in these short months, that attempting to reflect on it all has instigated sensory overload, and I think I need to go lie down.

Oh, and here's my perspective final so far--I'm adding shadows, reflection and value today, and it's due tomorrow--I figured I should post it now as a line drawing, in case I mess it up in the next step:

Spring Cleaning in the Seven Dwarves' Cottage, Pencil on Paper, 14"x18"

This has been quite a long post, I couldnt help from getting end-of-another-chapter sentimental before I dive into my work for the last big push. It has been such a great seemster, and I must credit the people around me--you awesome-talented-generous-crazy people who make my life so freaking cool. Thanks.

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